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Since the opening of Shadyside Pottery in 1988, I, Charlie Bohn have been applying the various elements that I learned in my studies in Japan to my work in New Orleans. I bring to you a variety of works from Raku vessels to utilitarian stoneware to pieces made to order - each with its own unique beauty and detail. Each of my works is hand thrown, signed and fired at Shadyside Pottery.

I have scholarly degrees in Ceramics from both Loyola University and the Newcomb School of Art at Tulane University. I have also studied at Colorado State University, Xavier University as well as doing an apprenticeship in Bizen,Japan with Shoji Takahara. I absorbed the essence of the Japanese work ethic in art - productivity with quality. The ability to combine simplicity with attention to detail is a staple in Oriental art and culture. I have also taught for many years, both in college and on my own.

After completing my Master of Fine Arts degree, I spent time working with a Master Kiln Builder / Manufacturer, Frank Anthony, refining my ideas of firing techniques and redesigning my Raku Kilns with Frank's help. Since 1971 when I began throwing pots under Jim Arena, I have
 been perfecting my throwing and firing techniques and developing new unique and vibrant glazes ever since.